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by omgNova

Thought I'd just point out a couple of things that I personally think could have made the piece just that wee bit better. First of all ...

Alrighty boy, you asked for this! I'm gonna start by pointing out the things I think could be improved on. First off the arms seem too ...


  • Listening to: Matt Nevin
  • Playing: Super Mario Odyssey / Sonic Forces
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Earlier this week I was fortunate enough to be invited along to Nintendo HQ for a Splatoon 2 Community Day. I filmed the whole thing and compressed it into a 3 minute Youtube video, and would be honoured if you checked it out :

Will do a proper update on life stuffs soon!
  • Listening to: Level 42 ~ Something About You
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  • Playing: Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric
  • Eating: Stew
Gosh it's been a while since I posted on here hasn't it?

Happy 2017 everyone! I'm really pleased to welcome the new year in. What are your New Years Resolutions?

My NYE was amazing! Spent it with my friends Brett and Alistair. We had lovely food and drink, and one of the best views of the fireworks in the city. Their place is South from Big Ben, and not far. To add to that there were people on top of a community centre across the road from them also watching the fireworks and going crazy, and whichever way you looked there were various other firework displays going off. It really was spectacular

So what have I been up to since my last post? Well I got a new job. It's only a Maternity-cover contract... Still this was kind of a big deal as I had previously been out of work for over 3 years, and had dealt with homelessness and whatnot during that time. It was beginning to seem like I was never going to work again then BAM! I managed to get this job. The salary is great. The work is very similar to my last job, the one I was doing before all my housing issues began.

Having moneys once again has allowed me to start sprucing up my flat. It wasn't exactly a bombsite when I moved here, far from it, but it was certainly lacking in a few ways. I've begun making strides towards amending this and making this place pretty decent. I would say I'm maybe... halfway to having it right? But I may be wrong. The more I do the more I realise I need to do haha. But the will is there.

A little disposable income this year also meant I could treat myself to an Amazon Echo Dot. I actually do have a kitchen in my flat, but rarely ever use it. I'm kind of a take-away junkie. So I purposely placed the Echo in the kitchen as an incentive to spend more time in there and so far it's worked! My boyfriend actually bought me a Schwartz spice-rack for my birthday and a hand blender for Christmas, with my sister and mum weighing in with a Crockpot for my birthday, so my excuses for not cooking are running out...

My boyfriend also bought me a Now TV box for Christmas. So far I have used it to watch (only listing the things I hadn't seen before) :
- The Little Mermard 2
- The Little Mermard 3
- Cinderella (the live action version)
- Brave (OMG SO good!)

I also watched Oliver & Company for the first time in about 27 years (only saw it once, and that was when I was 5). What a fantastic movie. It's a wonder it's not mentioned more... what a fabulous cast of characters and OST it has...

I sure have alot of work to do in 2017... my New Year's Resolution is to get a new job once this one ends. It's getting boring having the same 'get a job' resolution every year but, you know, needs must. I have some periphery mini-resolutions to complement this aim too. Chiefly get fit. While I don't believe that what people like Kate Hopkins says about fatties and job interviews to have 100% validity (or else I would be unemployed currently) I do feel there's alot of truth in potential employers generally tending to prefer a slimmer candidate. Even if she's completely wrong ; getting fit won't do me any harm in any case...

Another thing I'd like to do is a course, which runs at the institution I work at as it happens. I've had a look at the syllabus and it could MASSIVELY help me get into the industry I have been working towards getting into for a little while now. So we'll see. They say my starsign is the luckiest sign of all, and I also have the luck of the Irish on my side (which my life has randomly proven to me many times)
Other mini resolutions include making an effort to get out there and make more local friends and (obviously) to cook myself more healthy food! Preferably spicy stuff ^^#



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PLCTheCd Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2016  Hobbyist Writer

I shall drink to your health on your birthday!


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Happy Birthday
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Happy Birthday
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Happy Birthday. ^^
Crystal-Ribbon Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, I have an idea for the next meetup about something to do. Can we play a guessing game? Like in the game, everyone is a sonic character and we have a to guess who we are? Something to pass the time. I'll bring some sticky notes too.
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